Jayden is the victim of a VERY sexy massage in this episode! She lays down nude on the bench while two hotties rub her all over. Shae had more in store for her and pulled out a toy which got used on Jayden's twat. She had no objections so Shae took the liberty of moving in with her tongue.


She licked and fingered that shaved pussy good and the time came for them to switch roles. Shae hopped up on the bench with her tasty ass up in the air so she could receive a delicate rimjob.


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Jayden is back @ We Live Together for the second week in a row! Hope they make it a habit :) The update is named Kisses from Chloe and you can see more of Chloe at her own blog.


These two gals were out on a date. They started to make out in the car on the way home and rushed inside and laid down on the couch where they continued. They got even more naughty as Jayden went down on Chloe and gave her some cunilingus out of this world. After a while they switched roles and Chloe ripped Jaydens g-string off and got to work. They continued to pleasure each other and Jayden even threw a rimjob into the mix for good measure.
















































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I'm pleased to see that Jayden also does lesbian scenes :) So just sit back and enjoy like I did!


They are both dressed in sexy lingerie but they strip it off quickly. Abigail takes the lead and shows her younger girlfriend the ropes. She fucks her with a dildo before she licks her tasty vagina. She fingers it too before it's time to switch roles. Jayden licks that hairy pussy and gives a great rimjob. I just love watching her tongue go deep into the asshole. The rimjob was so good she received some more dildo banging in return. And what do you know, that led to some more asslicking!



































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