Jayden is the victim of a VERY sexy massage in this episode! She lays down nude on the bench while two hotties rub her all over. Shae had more in store for her and pulled out a toy which got used on Jayden's twat. She had no objections so Shae took the liberty of moving in with her tongue.


She licked and fingered that shaved pussy good and the time came for them to switch roles. Shae hopped up on the bench with her tasty ass up in the air so she could receive a delicate rimjob.


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We've seen Jayden get massaged and fucked in her Fucked Hard 18 scene but this time the roles are changed!


She is dressed for success and I bet her client is satisfied with his masseuse of the day. She oils him up and rubs his upper body. She notice something big growing beneath the sheets and not surprisingly it was his cock. She pulled it out and started to suck it. He of course didn't stop her and after a little while he got to hit her punani as well. He didn't care about the massage anymore, her riding his boner was so much better!































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6,5 minute long video! Enjoy!



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Jayden steps into the massage studio in a skin tight dress. It gets even better when she pulls it up and reveals her pink g-string. Her ass looks so firm and sexy. She gets totally naked then hops up on the massage bench awaiting her masseur. He comes shortly after and oils up her yummy teen body.


They both get horny so he takes his chances rubbing her punani. She just moans of pleasure so he tries whipping out his big schlong as well. She put it in her mouth and sucked it! He knew he had hit the jackpot now so he got her up on all four and drilled her doggystyle for a long while then finished her off in missionary position.





































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